Why can't I upload my photos?

can't upload photos won't accept my photos trouble with photosWe found this article with Apple iPhones. When taking photos. There is a setting to take your photos in 'High Efficiency' which is saving your photos as .HEIC not .JPEG as previously. 

We are working to accept these photos, but until we do, you will need to save your photos as .JPEG before you can upload them. 

If you are on a computer, you may want to try using a different browser, such as Chrome. You can also try these options as well:

  • To do a hard refresh, hold down (Ctrl+Shift+R) on our site.
  • To clear our site data, press F12 on your keyboard
    • top far right, click on 'Applications'
    • 1/2 way down, click 'Clear site data'.

You may need to start over with ordering, and if so, we certainly do apologize for any inconvenience, but sometimes this happens due to too many cache/cookies on your computer.