Why can't I enter my credit card payment?

We understand the importance of smooth transactions, especially during the festive season! πŸŽ„

If you're encountering issues with your credit card payment, it might be due to slow internet connections or device performance. Here's how you can resolve it:

  1. Try using a different browser. If you need to download a new one, CLICK HERE.
  2. Clear your cache and cookies. Need guidance? CLICK HERE
  3. If you're midway personalizing your Santa package and on the billing page, simply copy the URL, open a new browser tab, paste the URL, and complete your order. (See the example below for reference.)

πŸ“Œ The sample is just to guide you on locating the URL and how the "+" can open a new tab.



πŸ“ŒNote: If you still face challenges, please remain on that page and press "F12" on your keyboard. This will lead you to the 'console' which will display any errors on our site. Kindly screenshot this and πŸ’Œ send it our way by clicking HERE! It will really help us to help you!