Can't enter my credit card payment

won't let me enter my credit card number can't enter payment won't accept credit card payment sites not work can't payWe have found customers who are having issues with entering their credit card payment. This is due to slower connections or slower computer. Here are a few fixes:

  • Try a different browser (Need to download a different one, CLICK HERE)
  • Clear your cache and cookies (Need to know how, CLICK HERE)
  • If you have personalized the Santa letter package and are on the billing page, copy/paste the URL and open another tab in your browser and paste the URL in there and complete (shown below)

This is just a sample to show you where the URL is located and the + will open a new tab. 


Note: If you are still having issues, please stay on that page and hit F12 on your keyboard. You will then click on the 'console' which will give you any errors you are getting on our site. If you could, please take a screenshot and email it to us by clicking HERE! It will really help us to help you!