How long will my Free Bonus Santa Video be available?

when can I personalize my video deadline to do video how long will video last last day to do video how to purchase my videoscheduled call santa call missed not received incomplete rescheduleThe difference between Free 'Bonus' Unlimited Video & the 'Upgraded' Keepsake Videos: 

πŸŽ… FREE 'BONUS' UNLIMITED Santa Video: If you purchased our Gold, Silver, or Platinum Santa Letter Package, you're in for a treat! You'll receive 1 UNLIMITED Santa Video, which comes with unlimited online views until 12/20.

πŸ“Note: If you wait until or after 12/20 to personalize it, you will have 48 hours of unlimited online views. 

🌟 KEEPSAKE Santa Videos (Upgrade): Are you and your child totally enchanted by your video? πŸŽ₯

For memories that last forever, you can upgrade to the KEEPSAKE version for a merry price of just $9.99. Head over to your Member Account, under the 'Videos' tab, and choose 'Download' for your chosen video. This upgrade allows you to select 1 of 2 special Christmas Eve videos, tailored from your original video.  We'll notify you via email once your Christmas Eve video is ready to be treasured! Download both videos to your PC and cherish these magical moments for a lifetime! πŸ˜‰

You can click HERE to learn more about downloading. Look at #5!