What is included in the 'Keepsake' Video?

what is the keepsake videoThe Keepsake Video offers a special treat for cherished holiday memories:

🎁 Details on Keepsake Video:

  • Content: You get a duo! 🎥🎥
    • Original Video Selection: You can choose and download 1 of our collection of 7 videos.
    • Christmas Eve Video: Along with your original video, you get to select and download 1 of 2 exclusive Christmas Eve videos. This video is crafted based on the original video you choose, ensuring a seamless narrative. 
  • Download: Both videos are downloadable.
  • Online Viewing: Available online until January 10th.
  • After-Season Access: Accessible post-season, with a 3-5 hour retrieval window.
  • Watermark: Removed from downloaded versions. However, if shared or watched online, the watermark remains visible.
  • Mobile Download: For saving videos on mobile, utilize our Free Video APP by clicking HERE! Ensure your phone has sufficient space. Videos are around 80 MB, with Christmas Eve editions being about 40 MB.

Every sprinkle of snow, every jingle bell chime, our Keepsake Video ensures you relish and reminisce the magical moments of this festive season! 🌟🛷🎉