Details on the 5 Bonuses

These 5 Bonus Gifts are included with EVERY Gold, Silver, and Platinum Package! The Bronze Package comes with Bonuses #3, and #4 (Shown below). After personalizing your package, access these Bonus Gifts in your Member Account


#1. Video From Santa: Personalized for Your Child! 🎅📺

  • 1 Personalized video starring your child with multiple adventures to choose from and Naughty or Nice verdicts.
  • Features Santa saying your child’s name, including their photo, age, and more.
  • Choose from 7 Magical North Pole Scenes. 
  • Unlimited online views (until Dec. 20th) & share with friends!
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  • How do I personalize my child's Santa video? 

#2. Santa's Phone Call: Hear from the Big Man Himself! 🎅📞

#3. $10 Build-A-Bear® Voucher: Gift from Our Furry Friends! 🧸💳

  • Receive a voucher with each Package From Santa purchase.
  • Use it on online or in-store purchases at Build-A-Bear Workshop® for purchases of $30 or more.
  • Offer valid till February 1, 2024, with certain terms and exclusions.
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#4. Nice List Guide: Keep Your Child on the Nice List! 📜✅

  • A downloadable/printable guide to help your child remain on Santa's Nice List.
    • You can print the Nice List Guide at home or save it to your computer. No printer? Consider asking a friend or visiting a local CVS for printing options. If your child has an Elf, let the Elf present the Nice List Guide.
  • Personalize with your child’s photo, name, and a custom list of 10 actions.
  • A high-quality instant download keepsake for Christmas.
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#5. Letters To Santa: Send Your Child's Letter to Santa, 'Online'! 💌🎅

  • Safely send your child's letter directly to Santa 'Online' or upload a pre-written letter photo.
  • Receive proof Santa got the letter with a free personalized printable Santa Photo.
  • A new and innovative way to keep the tradition alive, perfect for kids of all ages.
  • Click HERE to watch a video!
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