Where can I personalize my order?

Where can I personalize my order i didn't give you the ship to address where do i go to personalize the packageAs long as you have a 'Pre-Order' placed (Order # starts with letters). You can personalize your order(s) by logging into your Member Account simply by clicking HERE! 

Once you logged in, you will be taken to the red ‘ORDERS’ tab where you will be able to see your order(s) that needs to be personalized! :smile:

Once you done personalizing your Santa Letter package, you can click on the light green 'Videos' tab, which will take you to personalizing the video that comes with unlimited online views until December 20th.

If you then click on the orange 'Download' tab it will take you to the other Bonus Gifts!

To schedule Santa's call simply click on the dark green 'Calls' tab to schedule the call. You will see we recommend using our Santa Call APP for those who will be with the child when the call is scheduled to come in. If not, simply click the 'Use the Online Scheduler' (shown below). 

Note: Waiting to personalize these items, will not affect the shipment of your Santa letter package.