What is the Personalized Nice List Guide?

bonus nice list guide printable nice list guide bonus itemsThis Personalized Nice List Guide is downloadable/printable. It will not ship out with your child's Santa letter package.

This is a great way to keep your child being good all year! Remind your child that Santa is keeping an eye on your child... making sure they do the 10 things they need to do, to stay on Santa’s Nice List! High quality, instant download! Includes your child’s photo (optional), name, and custom list of 10 actions! Bonus gift with every Package From Santa®!

  • High quality printable Nice List Guide!
  • Your child’s photo (optional)
  • Includes your child’s name
  • Encourage your child to be good!
  • List 10 items your child’s needs to do
  • Custom artwork keepsake for Christmas!
  • Instant download/Printable

Your Personalized Nice List Guide(s) is located in your Member Account. You can log in by CLICKING HERE


It can be printed at home or downloaded and save to a computer. If you don't have a printer, maybe a family or friend can help you out. You can also have it printed at a local CVS by CLICKING HERE for more information. If your child has an Elf, you could have the Elf deliver this Nice List Guide.