How can I track my package?

letter has not arrived what is my tracking number is there a tracking number how can I track my packageHere are the different shipping methods which were offered during the checkout. 

This is what appears on the site! 


We know there are delivery delays, but we are staying hopeful that the USPS will get caught up on delivering package before Christmas Day. However, we also understand the struggle they will have due to the increase of online shopping.

Per our receipts, we ask that you hold all packages until all are received.  

  • Parcel post (No Tracking Available): typically 7-10 shipping days
  • First Class (No Tracking Available): typically 4-6 shipping days (Per USPS, no guarantee due to increase of online shopping/Covid)
  • Priority (Comes with Tracking): typically 2-3 shipping days (Per USPS, no guarantee due to increase of online shopping/Covid)
  • FedEx 2DAY-US ONLY! (Comes with Tracking): 2 business days Monday - Friday NO SATURDAY DELIVERY!

(Per Fed-Ex, no guarantee due to increase of online shopping/Covid)

*If you select Priority or Fed-Ex2Day the tracking # will be available in your Member Account under the 'order details'.

Note: Canadian packages do take longer, but we are unable to provide delivery estimates from the Canadian postal service once it leave the US. If you selected the Platinum package, it will come with a customs tracking #. However, we do not know how long before customs will release packages.  

Per receipts: Please hold all packages until all packages are received! 

Items shipping to parents will come in a white confidential envelope, separate from the child's package, and all items ship out as First Class mail. It will come addressed: To the Parents of 'CHILD'S NAME'

Recommend: If ordering late in the season, please consider selecting an 'after' Christmas letter if you feel your package(s) will not make it before Christmas! Kids absolutely love them! If it arrives before Christmas, as the United States Postal Service can be unpredictable, simply hide it and give it to your child after Christmas!