What is My Santa 'Live'?

What is my santa 'live' when can i see my santa live video'My Santa Live' videos are a series of short video clips that start November 23rd at 8PM EST, leading up to Christmas Day!

To watch the 'Live' videos, you will need to log into your Member Account by CLICKING HERE! Once you are in your Member Account, you can click on the orange 'Downloads' tab, and then click on the green 'WATCH' button! 


It will show when the next video will be play, which is always at 8PM EST. If you are signed up, and miss the video, it will be available in your account to watch until the next video is posted to your account. 

Note: These videos are made to look 'LIVE' so no child will be able to actually interact with Santa. As a family-owned business, this was something we thought would be super cute. We realize they are short, but thought kids would love to see Santa throughout the season. Not to mention, it's a Bonus, so we hope they enjoy them along with all the other Bonuses that come with each of our packages! :wink:

Feel free to  CLICK HERE to learn more about this Bonus that comes with each package!