Why do I have to pay first?

why do I have to pay first cancel my order you already charged me I didn't get to personalize anything cancel order cancel cancellation charged before personalizing order refund my preorder refund did not purchase didn't order scam site I didn't give you shipping addressLike other 'Deal Sites' that have you pre-order and then go to that site to redeem, we're alike in the way that we allow customers to pre-order their # of packages and then personalize them later if the choose to.

We have a lot of customers that like to pre-order and then gift them to someone else to personalize, or we have grandparents purchase the packages and then have their adult kids personalized them!

Once you pre-order your package(s), it will walk you through the process of personalizing the package. However, if for any reason a customer decide they don't like the personalized Santa letter package they can always contact us for a full refund on the Pre-ordered package(s). 

If you decide to continue, please note each of our packages do come with '5 Bonus' items which include:

  • 1 Santa Video (unlimited 'Online' views until 12/20)
  • 1 Santa Call
  • Letters to Santa Service
  • Printable Nice List Guide
  • My Santa Live (series of videos starting 11/23)

During the checkout it will ask if you want to 'Upgrade' your video & call bonus items. If you do not want to upgrade for the additional amount, just continue through the checkout where you will receive a ship-able order # for each child's package. That receipt will show $0.00 should you decide not to add anything to your original purchase.

We're pretty sure you will love what you see, as we have many letters categories and letters within those categories. We also allow the customer to edit the entire letter to make it even more personalized!

Here are the different letter categories that we do have to help you out. I also include the steps that someone would go through to personalize the Santa letter. 

  • Under 6 yrs old
  • Older than 5 yrs old
  • Mention's child's Elf
  • Losing Belief
  • Unusual Times (NEW!)
  • Special Needs (NEW!)
  • Naughty
  • Christian
  • Newborn
  • Inspirational
  • Starting School
  • New Addition Coming
  • Moving to a New City
  • Adult in Military
  • Adult letter
  • Blank (Write your own)

Choose category and then Preview and then Select letter and answer questions. We fill in the blanks and then you can edit whatever you'd like in the final version! :)




Please let me know if I may help you with anything else.