Why am I being charged for things that already come included in the package?

trying to charge me more charging me for things that already come in the packageActually, those are 'EXTRA' upgrade Bonuses which you can just click 'NEXT' to continue through the checkout. All of our packages do come with 5 Bonus items:

  • 1 Santa Video (unlimited 'Online' views until 12/20)
  • 1 Santa Call
  • Letters to Santa Service
  • Printable Nice List Guide
  • My Santa Live (series of videos starting 11/23)

On this screenshot below, it's asking if you want to upgrade your video to the 'Keepsake' version which allows you to download the video, and it comes with a downloadable Christmas Eve video as well.

Also, it asks if you'd like to 'ADD' 3 additional call to our already 1 call, which would give you a total of 4 Santa calls to use all year long. We have 34 messages to choose from (Birthday, Christmas Day, after Christmas, checking in on you, etc...).

At the very bottom, you will notice it states you can personalize your bonus video and call after you complete this process. You will receive a ship-able order # once you are done with personalizing this Santa letter package. You will see links on that receipt to personalize your bonus items.