Purchased Keepsake Video but it's not showing in Video APP?

purchased the video keepsake and it's not in my APP bought video but not in my APP accountWe appreciate you purchasing the 'Keepsake' version of our video, but we apologize if it's not appearing in your Video APP.

Sometimes APP technology can be finicky where it's purchased on a customers end, but the connection on our end can shows it's failed for some reason, but the good new is, we have a way of upgrading videos on our end.  :wink:

If you could please provide us with a detailed receipt showing the charge along with the name of the APP that was purchased. If it was purchased through Google Play, we are able to look up charges with order #'s starting with GPA. Google Play provides us merchants with an Admin. Unfortunately, Apple does not! 

Again, we apologize for any inconvenience, but look forward to hearing from you so we can further help you. Once you're ready with your receipt, simply click HERE to submit a ticket request. 

Thank you for your patience and understanding!