Troubleshooting Video Issues:

General introduction about technical issues: 🛠️ 

We understand technical issues can arise and are always here to help...

💳 Purchased Video: 

Double charged? Not showing in the Video APP?

  1. APP glitches can sometimes happen which are beyond our control, unfortunately.
  2. Confirm your purchase receipt showing the charge and the name of the purchased APP (PackageFromSanta).
  3. If purchased via Google Play, we would need the order # starting with GPA which will help us look up your charges. 
  4. Once you've confirmed your purchase with our APP, click HERE, to submit a ticket request and we will assist you in rectifying the issue.

⏱️ Paid for faster Rendering: 

Taking longer than expected?

While our "faster rendering" promises a quicker turnaround, it doesn't necessarily mean instant. On occasions, it might take up to 45 minutes, especially when compared to the standard wait time of 3 to 3.5 hours. The duration largely depends on the queue, which can be substantial during this busy season.

That said, we believe the wait is worth it! Our videos offer charming, movie-quality experiences that we and your loved ones will enjoy! 😄​

⬇️ Video Download Issues? 

Follow these steps based on the device you're using:

💻 PC Users: 

  1. Log in to your Member Account HERE.
  2. Find the video you wish to download.
  3. Click the red 'Download' button.
  4. Right-click the appearing link and choose 'save link as'.
  5. The MP4 should start downloading and appear at the bottom of your screen.
  6. Once downloaded, click on the file to play your video.

📱 Mobile Users: 

  1. Download our Free Santa Video App from either the iTunes or Google Play store.
  2. Log in using your Member Account credentials.
  3. Find the video and click the red 'Download' button.
  4. Save the video directly to your mobile device.

🔊 Sound Issues with the video?

  1. Ensure your device's volume is up and not on mute.
  2. If using a mobile device, consider rebooting.
  3. Try viewing the video on a different device or browser to check if the issue persists.
  4. If the problem remains unresolved, click HERE, to contact us with the following details: 
    1. PC or MAC 
    2. Type of device and version (Ex: iPhone XS, IOS 14.0.1).
    3. What browser (Safari, Google Chrome, Edge, Firefox, etc.).

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience you may have faced but appreciate your understanding. Our team is always on hand to provide any assistance to ensure you have a magical experience. Still, having trouble? Contact us HERE for further assistance!