Do you have new videos this year?

Do you have new videos this yearAs a family owned business, we try to add more videos each year when possible. However, due to Covid/Pandemic, we were not able to get together with Santa and our production team. :cry:

However, we do have 7 different videos to choose from which are super cute, but if your kids have already seen them all, we hope this won't stop you from ordering from us. This season we are offering 5 Bonus items with every purchased package. So, there are still many other things for them to enjoy.  :slightly_smiling_face:

You can view our different videos by clicking HERE and scroll down mid way.

We know there are no other Santa Letter companies that claim to have what we have, but we are truly the 'One Stop Santa Shop' with the 'REAL' bearded Santa. We pride ourselves on having the best products, website, and customer service in the industry, as their are a lot of scam sites out there. We are the only Santa Letter Service that with rate A+ with the BBB, so be careful should you decide to go to another site! wants to deliver Christmas Magic Safely to your door!  :gift_heart: