Navigating Unschedule/Missed/Scheduled Santa Calls

How do I download Santa Call APP📲 How to download the Santa Call APP? 

To enjoy the Santa Call experience use the Santa Call APP:

  1. Install the Free Santa Call APP by clicking HERE for Android/Apple.
  2. Use your email and password to log in.
  3. Want to see Santa's face with the child's photo, during the call? Make sure the child is with the person who has the Santa Call APP installed and scheduled.
  4. Be sure to say 'YES' to Push Notification so the call will come through when scheduled. 

📋 What information is needed to schedule the Santa Call?

  • Child's photo *Not Required (Photo will only be visible if the call is through the APP) 
  • Name (for pronunciation)
  • Gender
  • Age
  • State/Country (where Santa will visit on Christmas Eve)
  • Note: Ensure the child is with the person using the APP for the photo to appear.

🔒 What is an elf passcode or forget your passcode?

The 'Elf Passcode' is a 4-digit code that is set during the APP's initial setup. If forgotten, click on 'Resend Elf Passcode' to receive it in your email (check Spam/Junk folders or 'Promotions' if using Gmail.).


🔂 How to listen to Santa's call, again?

Using the Santa Call APP, calls are automatically saved in the voicemail section. Simply log in using your details to access past calls.


🚫 Santa Call didn't come through on my APP!

If missed or didn't come through, the call remains in the APP for rescheduling. Follow these steps to reschedule:

  1. Be sure to have Push Notifications turned on for our Santa Call APP.
  2. Open the Santa Call APP and log in.
  3. Enter the Elf Passcode.
  4. Click the green EDIT button to reschedule or follow the prompts if the EDIT button isn't visible.

📣 Not the parent? Here's how to gift the Santa Call:

For someone else to use the Santa Call APP:

  1. They need to install our Free Santa Call APP by clicking HERE for Android/Apple.
  2. Log in using the purchaser's email and password from

❌ Purchased Santa Call, but it's not showing in the Santa Call APP: 

We're sorry for the inconvenience! Sometimes there's a discrepancy between our system and the APP. Please provide us with a detailed receipt showing the purchase. If from Google Play, order #'s starting with GPA. Once ready, simply click HERE to submit a ticket request. 


🤔 Why is Santa saying the wrong age?

This might be due to an old voicemail in the APP. Here's how to fix it:

  1. Uninstall your current Santa Call APP.
  2. Download the latest version by clicking HERE for Android/Apple.
  3. Check the new waiting call and once the child has received it, the call will be saved in the APP's Voicemail.

🔑 Did not receive a temporary password?

Ensure you've entered a valid email. Also, check Spam/Junk folders or 'Promotions' if using Gmail. We apologize for any inconvenience!