Why do I have multiple charges?

double charged multiple charges charged more than once two charges money deducted twice paid multiple times why

The 1st order # you received is a 'Non Ship-able 'Pre-Order' (Sample: Pre-Order #EXPD12294) charged only for the Santa Letter Packages plus shipping/handling.

Once you completed the Santa Letter Package along with providing us with a ship to address, we give you a 'Ship-able' Order # (Sample: Order # 79260) which there will only be a 2nd charge if you upgraded your package, upgraded shipping or added anything to the original pre-order package.

Example: This Elf originally ordered 3 packages and this sample shows he only personalized 1 of the Santa letter packages which shows total: $0.00 since he didn't add anything additional to that package. He still has 2 more packages to personalize. 

Note: If you're someone who has more than these charge, please note charges that are declined or rejected from our merchant account, may appear as charges on your end. However, they will fall off of your credit card within 1-2 days as it's the credit card companies that hold these charges, as it's not our merchant account hold them. If you'd like to confirm, please be sure to submit a ticket by clicking HERE!

Please be sure to state you are wanting to confirm what was charged in our merchant account as this will have to be verified by a manager. 


Hope this helps! If not, please feel free to contact us by clicking HERE!