Why do I have multiple charges?

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🌟 Seeing Multiple Charges? Here’s Why! 🌟

  1. You’ve Pre-Ordered and Personalized Later:

    • You initially get a ‘Non-Shippable Pre-Order’ (e.g. shown below, #EXPD12294), charged for the Santa Letter Package(s) plus shipping/handling.
    • Once personalized, you receive a ‘Shippable Order’ (e.g. shown below, #79260). Any upgrades or additions made will appear as a 2nd charge.
  2. Ordered Extra by Mistake:

    • If you’ve ordered one too many, no worries! 📧 Contact Us to cancel/refund the non-personalized packages.
  3. Multiple 'Pending' Charges:

    • This might be due to declined or rejected charges by our merchant, appearing on your end. Typically, they drop off in 1-2 days, as these are held by credit card companies, not us.

📌 Note:

  • If you see multiple 'pending' charges, and you're concerned, please Contact Our Support. Clarify that you are seeking confirmation on what was charged to our merchant account, as it requires managerial verification.

🎁 Festive Tip: Always review your order summary to avoid any surprises on your statement! 🎅