How can I gift this to another family member?

how to gift gifting someone else another person family member

what different languages can santa do video call in different languagesYes, there is a way to gift these packages to another adult. Due to our custom checkout, there is a way that you can 'Pre-Order the package(s) along with shipping and then allow another adult to personalize the Santa Letter Package(s) along with the 5 Bonus Gift items!

We highly recommend this for grandparents! Great way to get out of all the work!  :wink:

To do this, you will need to 'Pre-Order the number of packages you'd like to gift. You will then be charged for the number of Santa Letter Package(s) along with the shipping option you select. If you are wanting to purchase different packages, then you will need to select the Qty for the 1st order, and then return back to our order page and select the Qty for the 2nd order, etc...


You will need to complete the Member Account process where you will create a password. You will then need to provide your email and password to the adult in which you'd like to gift it to. They will then be able to log into your Member Account to personalize the Santa Letter Package along with all the 5 Bonus Gift items. 

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Note: If they have any questions along the way, please have them email us directly at They will need to provide us with your email address so we can help them better.