Where do I enter the ship to address?


If you placed an order and selected 'Personalize Later', you're Pre-Ordering/Reserving your special Santa Letter Package.

✨ Here's how it works:

  1. Your initial order gives you a Non 'Shipable Pre-Order number (for example Pre-Order #EXPD12294). This is essentially a reservation receipt for your Santa Letter Package.
  2. When you personalize and sprinkle magic into your Santa Letter Package, we will then ask you for the shipping address. Once completed, a new 'Shipable' Order # will be emailed to you. This Order # consists of 6 digits. 

🎁 Ready to add a touch of North Pole magic to your child's personalized Santa Letter Package?

Click HERE to access your Member Account. Look for the radiant red 'ORDERS' tab to see and personalize your package(s). Remember, each package dances to its own jolly jingle. So if you've reserved multiple Santa Letter Packages, return to the red 'ORDERS' tab to sprinkle magic onto each one, just as shown in the sample below. Merry personalizing! 🌟