Where do I enter the ship to address?

didn't ask for ship to address never asked for shipping address where do I enter the ship to addressWhen placing an order, you are Pre-Ordering/Reserving your Santa Letter Packages. They can be personalized at any time after Pre-Order. 

The 1st order # received is a Non 'Ship-able' Pre-Order (sample: Pre-Order #EXPD12294). Once you personalized your Santa Letter Package, you will receive a 'Ship-able' Order # which will be 6 digit numbers. Your 'Pre-Order' number is just your receipt for the purchase of the Santa Letter Package. 

To personalize your Santa Letter Package now, simply click HERE to log into your Member Account. You will see under the red 'ORDERS' tab your package(s) to personalize. Each package is a separate transaction, so if you ordered more than 1 Santa Letter Package, you will need to return to the red 'ORDERS' tab to personalize the 2nd Santa Letter Package like in this sample below.