How do I cancel my order?

need to cancel order purchased too many packages refund creditPlease be sure your order you are wanting to cancel has NOT been 'PROCESSED' or SHIPPED' or if you ordered too many 'Pre-Orders', please provide us with the 'Pre-Order' # that starts with letters (not numbers). If it is a 'Ship-able' order # starting with numbers, we may not be able to cancel due to the handling process on our end. However, please do still contact us ASAP by clicking HERE! 

NOTE: If you ordered 1 Pre-Order Santa Letter Package, you will end up with 2 order #'s, so will NOT need to cancel any of the orders. The 'Pre-Order is NOT ship-able, but there will be a charge on that receipt for the Santa letter package along with shipping. The 'Ship-able' order that you personalized will only have a charge on it if you upgraded the package, shipping or added additional items.