How can I preview the Santa letters?

preview view santa letter lettersWe have different Santa letters within our different letter categories. After you 'Pre-Order' your Santa Letter Package, you will be asked to log in or create an account where we will then take you directly to your Member Account to personalize the Santa Letter Package(s).

Once a letter has been 'Selected', you will need to answer a few questions to help us personalize the Santa letter for you. You will then be able to preview the entire letter which will include your answers. The BEST part is you get to actually click into the letter to make any edits and add things that only Santa would know! :wink:

NOTE: We also offer a blank letter template that allows you to write or copy/paste your own letter. 

Here is a list of our Santa Letter categories. We also include an example of the steps to personalizing a Santa letter, so you know what to expect. 



NOTE: This is just a sample letterhead as they change year to year!