How do I personalize the Bonus Gifts?

How do I personalize bonus gifts where can I find my bonus giftsCan't find or locate your Bonus Gifts? Please be sure to use the same email address you used to 'Pre-Order' your original package. Your bonus gifts items will be in your Member Account once you have personalized your child's Santa Letter Package and received your 'Ship-able' Order # (Sample below: Order # 438099).

You can do these bonus gifts at any time. They do NOT affect the shipment of your child's Santa Letter Package.

You can log into your Member Account by clicking HERE. Once you are logged into your Member Account, it will take you to the red 'ORDERS' tab (shown below). From there you can access all of your bonus items for your child. 

After you personalize your child's Nice List Guide, you will find the pintable .pdf under the orange 'DOWNLOADS' tab. You will also find the other 2 bonuses (Letters To Santa and My Santa Live) under the orange 'DOWNLOADS' tab.  

The light green 'VIDEOS' tab will allow you to personalize your child's video. The 'Bonus Gift' video comes with unlimited online views until December 20th. We will send you an email once the video is done rendering on our end. You will be redirected to your Member Account to 'WATCH' your video under the 'VIDEOS' tab. We highly recommend watching it completely before showing your child just to make sure it's perfect!

If you click on the dark green 'CALLS' tab, you will be able to schedule your child's Santa call using our Santa CALL APP or our ONLINE Scheduler. We recommend grandparents use our online scheduler.