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Q: When will my child's package ship?

A: ALL packages will start to ship out November 17, 2016. Any orders place on or after November 16, 2016 will ship out within 72 hours (weekdays only). 


Q: Can I change or pick my ship date?

A:  We apologize as we do not have a way for customers to choose their shipping date. However, we highly recommend placing your order ASAP to avoid the holiday rush with the USPS and inventory on certain items.


Q: Do I have to create an account?

A: You do not have to create an account before placing an order on our site. However, once you do place an order, you will be required to create an account. Your account is created so you can personalize your phone call and video after you personalize your package.  


Q: When will my Thank You note from Santa, Gift Tags and Santa Evidence Kit be shipped?

A: These items are shipped out separately from your child's package starting 11/31/16. It will be delivered to 'The Parent/Guardian of': ship to first/last name and address (per you order receipt). It will come in a white envelope that will show a snowman on the return address label from Carey Jordan and it will read 'CONFIDENTIAL'.



Q: Why do I have 2 order #'s (or more)?

A: If you have an order # that starts with the following letters: DS, EXP, CPA, PPE, etc. those are pre-orders that you then personalized through your member account. Once it's personalized, you would of then received a physical order #. Don't forget to go back to your member account to schedule your phone call and personalize your video. Everything can be done and seen in your member account. Please feel free to submit a request ticket for further questions or concerns. 


Q: I receive 1 package, but not the other(s)?

A: Please allow the full shipping days that you selected on your order (Parcel 7-10; 1st Class 4-6; Priority 2-3 (Priority shipping is only offered to US order and is not guaranteed 2-3 delivery per the US postal service, especially during the holiday rush). Canadian orders will take a few days longer depending on their postal service. 

Also, per our receipt, we state the following... Multiple orders going to the same family ARE ALWAYS sent out together. Whether or not they arrive on the same day, is the sole responsibility of the United States Postal Service. If you receive 1 child's package on a particular day, and not the other(s), we recommend waiting until all packages arrive before giving them to your children.


Q: How can I edit my letter and/or ship to address?

A:  You can make any changes as long as the order status is 'Pending' status. If the order shows 'Processing', you will need to contact one of our elves buy submitting a request.

You can log into your Member Account and select the "Orders" tab. Click on the order # and you'll see what the shipping status is. If the order is 'Pending', you will see where you can 'Edit' the ship to address and the letter below that. 


Q: Where do you ship to?

A: We currently ship within the USA and Canada. 


Q: Why didn't I receive my email receipt?

A: Please check your ‘spam’ folder. You can also see and print your receipt from your Member Account by going directly www.PackageFromSanta.com. Simply log in using your email and password. Click on the "Orders" tab and there you will be able to click on the order # and print your receipt.

IMPORTANT: Be sure to add @PackageFromSanta.com to your safe senders list to receive future emails.


Q: What forms of payment do you accept?

A: Visa, MasterCard, Discover and AMEX


Q: Why won't my order process?

A: Anytime an order won't process, it's usually due to mobile devices. We apologize, but we are not able to support mobile devices due to the different connection issues wireless device have at time. If you are having issues, please try placing your order on a regular PC. We apologize for any inconvenience your mobile device may be giving you. We also find issue with people who are at working, trying to order. It's due to their firewalls or older browsers that they won't update due to their current software. We recommend going home to place your order. :)


Q: Can I put more than one name on one letter?

A: Please note our packages are tailored to be personalized for 1 child along with our free bonus items (Santa call and Santa video). This way each child will receive their very own Package from Santa!


Q: I have multiple kids, will they get the same thing in their package?

A: Each package is the same. However, if you purchase the Gold package you can add certain items to each package to make them different. Also, there are 5 different videos to choose which you can upload 2 photos in each video. There are also different Santa calls message to choose from. 


Q: I pre-purchased a package, but how do I personalize it now?

A: Simply log into your Member Account by going here and clicking on 'Member Login' in the upper right hand corner. Login using your email and password. You will then go to the "Orders" tab. You will then see your package that needs to be personalized. Please note after you have personalized the package, the receipt page will allow you to go back to your member account to personalize your Santa video and Santa phone call. You can do this at anytime as it will not affect the shipping of your package. 

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