Santa Video APP

Q: How do I get the Personalized Video APP on my phone (iPhone, iPad and Android).

A: Simply go to: to download your APP!


Q: My video has no sound.

A: The APP is working, so please be sure your volume is turned on and the volume button is up as well. If you still have no sound, we recommend closing the APP and rebooting your phone. If you are still needing help, please feel free to submit a ticket to email us. Just let us know what device you are using and what version it is so we can better help you.


Q: I paid to upgraded my video but it's not showing up in my APP.

A: The APP should be working. If you happen to have a PC, try going here. to log into your member account. If you are not seeing the video upgraded there, please be sure to submit a ticket to email us. If you could also send us a copy of your receipt showing payment that will help us out as well. Sometimes with all the different connections, it will charge but not reflex in the APP due to connection drops. However, no worries, we can fix that! ;) 





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