Personalized Phone Call

Q: Why can't I schedule Santa's call online like I did last year?

A: The reason we are having our customers use our Santa Call APP is because it's a lot more reliable than going through our 3rd party online calling service. In the past years, we have used a 3rd party company for those online calls, and we had a lot of customers who were disappointed in that service. Unfortunately, it was due to technology and out of our control. As a family owned business, we don't want ANY child or parent upset with their phone call from Santa. Therefore, we are strongly recommending using our APP. 

The APP allows you to upload a photo of the child, it has different incoming call screens when Santa calls, and there are a lot more calls to choose from. 

If you absolutely need to use our 3rd party online calling company, please be sure to contact us. However, we are warning our customers that Santa may hang up during the call or may never call. It may have worked for you in the past, but that doesn't mean it work again this year. Again, we strongly recommend using our APP.














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