Personalized Santa Video

Q: I ordered a package, but how do I personalize the video now?

A: Simply go to: and log into your member account using your email and password. You will then go to the light green 'Videos' tab to personalize the child's video. 


Q: How do I share my video with friends and family?

A: As long as you have the Unlimited (view-able until 12/20/15) or the Keepsake version, you can log into your member account by going here: Go to the green 'Videos' section in your account. You will then see a blue 'SHARE' button which you then send to friends and family members. :) We strongly recommend watching the video before sharing it. If anything is wrong, please be sure to submit a ticket request for us to help you further. 


Q: What kind of photos are needed for my child's video?

A: Please be sure your photos are 100KB min to 10MB max. If they are too small they may disappear in the video. 


Q: How do I know what size my photos are?

A: Photos that are uploaded from a smart phone should be a good size. However, if you are uploading a photo from your PC, hover your mouse over the photo and right click on your mouse. You will then scroll down to properties. It will automatically have the 'General' tab open. Look at the Size which will show you in KB or MB. 


Q: How can I purchase the 'Keepsake' version of the video for 2015?

A:  Log into your account by clicking here and enter your email and password. Click on the "Videos" tab and there you will find a link that says "Download". Clicking this will allow you to purchase the Keepsake. Please note this 'keepsake' version is a downloadable link that can be saved to your PC. It is not a DVD that is mailed out. However, we highly recommend saving it to a PC and DVD so that you never have to worry about losing it. Here is a link to Help you! :)

Q: Why isn't my child's name displayed properly in the video message?

A: The video message will display exactly as you enter it. Please ensure you are entering your child's name correctly below the drop down/pronunciation. Although we may not have the spelling of your child's name in the drop down, you may choose the correct pronunciation and then enter the correct spelling in the fields below. Please submit a request and we will be more than happy to reset the video. You will then need to log into your Member Account by clicking here and logging in using your email and password. Click on the "Videos" tab to re-do your child's personalized video. 


Q: Can 1 video be made for multiple children in the same household?

A: The videos are tailored to be for 1 child only. 


Q: Can I view my child's video from last year?

A: All personalized videos are removed from our servers after January 31st.

If you didn't purchase the "keepsake" downloadable version during the holiday season, it will not be made available to purchase until the following holiday when we open.

However, if you purchased the "keepsake" downloadable version, it is available in your Member Account. You can go there by clicking here and entering your email and password. Click on the "Videos" tab and you'll see where you can "Download". It will take 3-5 hours to retrieve it. Once it has been retrieved, you will then have 72 hours to download. Should you miss that 72 hrs window period, no worries! It will just take another 3-5 hours to retrieve it again. :)


Q: Can I modify a video once it is completed?

A: Once a video has been submitted, we don't have a way of editing that video. However we would be more than happy to reset the video which will allow you to go back into your Member Account by clicking here and log in using your email and password. Click on the "Videos" tab to re-do your child's video. 



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