Santa Call didn't come through or it was missed!

scheduled call santa call missed not received incomplete rescheduleIf the call was originally scheduled using the Online Scheduler (Not the Santa Call APP) and you did not receive your Santa call, it could be due to a number of reasons. You should have received an automated email stating you had an incomplete call and the reason it was unsuccessful.

To reschedule your Santa call simply log in HERE using your email and password. You will then click on the dark green 'CALLS' tab to schedule your call once again.

NOTE: If calling to a mobile phone, you may have opted the feature called "Silence Unknown Callers" which automatically silences and sends to voicemail any calls from numbers that aren't in your contact list. You would need to turn this off, or you could add Santa Claus on your contact list using this phone # 855-855-9727! :slightly_smiling_face:

Click HERE for more information for users using iOS 13 or 14