Why did I only receive one of my packages?

received only one of our packages got one package not the other didn't receive package missing package got one package not the other where is my packageDue to the impact of Covid-19 around the world, we appreciate your patients during these times. We know shipping companies are struggling to keep up this holiday season, along with other conditions that could delay shipment, such as bad weather, postal regulations, and customs (when shipping to Canada) are beyond the control of PackageFromSanta.com. PackageFromSanta.com will do our part to get packages shipped out ASAP. Unfortunately, packages that ship out the same day aren't guaranteed to be delivered the same day.  

Per receipts:

Your orders may arrive in separate deliveries. If you receive one child's package and not the others, we highly recommend waiting until all packages arrive before giving them to your children.

All Packages are shipped out in a timely manner per our website. Certain conditions that could delay your shipment, such as bad weather, postal delays due to COVID, and customs (when shipping to Canada) are beyond the control of PackageFromSanta.com.


These are the typical shipping times, but no shipping company is guaranteeing delivering times this season due to Covid. They will not guarantee money back due to not making delivering times. Therefore, we will not be able to issue any types of credit on shipping due to delivery times.  

  • Parcel: post 7-10 shipping days-May arrive sooner as it comes from Michigan...aka North Pole ;) 
  • First Class: 4-6 shipping days (Per USPS NO Guarantee)
  • Priority: 2-3 shipping days (Per USPS NO Guarantee)
  • FedEx 2DAY (USA ONLY): 2 business days Monday - Friday (Per Fed-Ex, no guarantee)

Note: We are a company that takes care of our customers. Reshipping any packages will depend on when packages were originally shipped. We may have to ask that you to wait until Christmas, as we are trying to stay hopeful that all packages will be delivered before Christmas. However, we will be here after the holidays to take care of customers who may have been disappointed by the USPS or Fed-Ex.