When will my Santa Letter Package ship?

i haven't received my package yet when will it ship hasn't shipped yet when will my package ship ship dates start to ship when will santa letter packages shipShip dates listed below. Your order(s) may show processed in your Member Account, the next day due to handling time on our end. You will receive an email (the following day) once your package(s) has shipped. 

  • ORDERS PLACED 10/12 - 11/3: Shipped 11/10/20 
  • ORDERS PLACED 11/4-11/8: Shipped 11/12/20
  • ORDERS PLACED 11/11 - 11/28: Package will ship within 48 hours (Monday, Wed, Friday).
    • Fulfillment Center closed 11/26-11/29 due to Thanksgiving!
  • ORDERS PLACED ON & AFTER 12/1: Will process and ship the next day!(Monday-Friday)
    • Once orders are processed, no changes can be made to the order)
  •  ORDERS PLACED ON 12/23 and After: Won't ship out until 12/28. 
    • Fulfillment Center closed 12/24-12/27 due to Christmas!
    • Fulfillment Center closed 12/31-1/4 due to New Years!

Click HERE to learn more about shipping timelines/tracking! 

Here is what the USPS.com site shows:


Per receipts:

Your orders may arrive in separate deliveries. If you receive one child's package and not the others, we highly recommend waiting until all packages arrive before giving them to your children.

All Packages are shipped out in a timely manner per our website. Certain conditions that could delay your shipment, such as bad weather, postal delays due to COVID, and customs (when shipping to Canada) are beyond the control of PackageFromSanta.com.


Items shipping to parents will come in a white confidential envelope, separate from the child's package, and all items ship out as First Class mail. It will come addressed: To the Parents of 'CHILD'S NAME'

Recommend: If ordering late in the season, please consider selecting an 'after' Christmas letter if you feel your package(s) will not make it before Christmas! Kids absolutely love them! If it arrives before Christmas, as the United States Postal Service can be unpredictable, simply hide it and give it to your child after Christmas!