Where can my child write and send a letter to Santa?


The elves have been working very hard here at the North Pole. They wanted to help kids get their Santa Letters off to Santa with a more quicker, faster, guaranteed way!

Now with our Letter to Santa service, they will have the proof he received it! :wink:

Simply click HERE to get started. Once you've gotten to the 'child safe' page, you can then have your child join you in on the fun of creating their Santa letter. They can use elf Arthur's letter creator, upload a letter they've already done, or they can write their very own Santa letter with your assistance.

Watch as their little eyes light up with amazement when they receive a photo of Santa hold their Santa letter! 

Our kids are only little for so long, so cherish these special memories!

Hug and love from our family to yours! :gift_heart: