Why won't my order process?

order failure won't process can't order fail credit card issue internet problem bugWe apologize for any inconvenience, but it may be due to mobile data connection issues. If so, try to connect to a nearby Wi-Fi or try again once you have a better mobile connection. 

If you are using a workplace device your company may have, for security reasons, installed a  firewall or have an outdated browser. We recommend trying to place your order at home or on another device.

Your credit card may be showing a 'gateway rejected' or 'declined' charge for reason we wouldn't know, so we recommend contacting your bank directly to see why the charge may not be going through. The reasons typically are due to the address and zip code not matching the billing address. We have had people use a new zip code where they moved, and they try their old one and it works.

Please be sure the CVV code is correct.

Also, please make sure you are entering a Qty of packages you'd like to 'Pre-Order! If you don't, you will get this error below.