How do I download my child's video?

how to get download watch video PC DVDIn order to be able to download your video, please be sure you have purchased the 'Keepsake' version. Every season, the free version of the video is available until 12/20. However, you can purchase the 'Keepsake' version through your Member Account which is made available for purchase until January 10th After January 10th, all free videos are removed off of our server forever.

Once the video is ready to view, you will be able to download to your PC or DVD from your Member Account by clicking HERE. Click on the green 'VIDEOS' tab followed by the red 'Download' button.

Go here for detailed instructions:

Please note: the watermark is removed from the 'downloadable' version. However, if you are watching/sharing online, the watermark will still appear.

If you are wanting to save the videos to your mobile device, you would need to download from our Free Video APP by clicking HERE! Just be sure you have enough space, on your phone, to save to your camera roll. Videos are approx 80MB and the Christmas Eve videos are approx 40MB.