How do I personalize my child's Santa video?

How do I personalize my childs santa videoYour personalized videos can be found in your Member Account, under the light green VIDEOS TAB. You can log into your Santa Member Account by clicking HERE


The Bonus 'Free' video, that comes with every package, has unlimited online views until 12/20. Anyone who personalizes it on or after 12/19, will then have 48 hrs of unlimited online views. However, you can always upgrade the video to the 'Keepsake' version, where you would then be able to download the video. It will then include a downloadable Christmas Eve video (generated off of the original video). This 'Keepsake' purchase is available until 1/10. If not purchased, all videos will be removed after each season due to storage costs.


Note_Icon.pngNOTE: If you would like to have a family member personalize it for you, simply give them your login to your Member Account, so they can personalize the child's video. 😀