What are the different packages you offer and pricing?

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 We have 3 Santa Letter Packages to choose from. The Gold and Silver packages come in a large colorful envelope (approx. 9.5 x 12.5), and the Platinum package comes in a red box that has colorful artwork inside the box. 


We also have a comparison chart which show you the difference in each package. You will also see below the comparison chart, we have additional items that can be added to certain packages once you go to personalize the Santa Letter Package.


Note: Individual items are not sold separately. 


Click HERE to view all 3 packages and see what is included in each!  These do not include shipping/handling which you will see the different choices once you go to 'Pre-Order' your Santa letter Packages. 

  • Gold Package is $14.95
  • Silver Package is $24.95
  • Platinum Package is $79.95


All of our packages come with 5 BONUS GIFTS! Learn more about these bonuses by clicking HERE!

  • Personalized Santa Video: 7 Videos to choose from with unlimited online views until 12/20!
  • Personalized Santa Call: 32 message to choose from!
  • Printable Nice List Guide: Parents favorite tool to keeping their kids good until Christmas!
  • My Santa Live: Series of 'live' videos throughout the season)
  • Letter To Santa: Allow Elf Arthur to help your child write their letter to Santa, Upload your child already written letter, or help your child write a letter to Santa from scratch! Then watch their little eyes light up with amazement when they see the proof that Santa received it! 

Note: The 'Bonus Gift' Personalized Santa video comes with unlimited online views until December 20th. If the video is personalized any time after December 20th, but before December 24th, it will come with unlimited online views for 48 hours. You can always upgrade your video to a downloadable 'Keepsake' version once you go to personalize the Santa Letter Package. this 'Keepsake' version also includes a downloadable Christmas Eve video.


If you don't purchase the 'Keepsake' after personalizing the Santa letter, no worries, you'll have until January 10th to purchase your 'Keepsake' version through your Member Account! :)