What are the different Santa Letter Packages and Pricing?


We have 3 different packages to choose from. You can view them by going to our Order page. You will also find the prices for each package, at the bottom of the comparison chart. You will also see on that page that we have additional items that can be added to certain packages once you go to personalize the package.  


Also, all of our packages come with 3 FREE bonus items! 1 personalized phone call from Santa,  personalized video from Santa, and a personalized printable Nice List Guide.


Note: The free bonus video comes with unlimited online views until 12/20/18. If the video is personalized after 12/20/18, it will have unlimited online views for 48 hours. You can upgrade your free video to a downloadable 'Keepsake' version through the initial checkout which will also include a downloadable Christmas Eve video. However, you can always purchase your 'Keepsake' version through your Member Account until January 10th! :)