Why do I have multiple order #'s

multiple orders two three more than one numbers IDsThe 1st order # received is a non ship-able 'Pre-Order' (sample: Pre-Order #EXPD12294)

Once the Santa Letter Package is personalized with a ship to address, it is given a ship-able order # (sample: Order # 79332)

Sample below shows 3 Santa Letter Packages were originally 'Pre-Ordered on #EXPD12294, with having only 1 of the Santa Letter Packages personalized as it's ship-able on Order # 79332. There are still 2 more Santa Letter Packages to personalize. Once those are personalized, they will receive their own ship-able Order #'s, so this customer would have 4 order #'s total. 

Pre-Order #EXPD12294 is just a receipt for the original 3 packages Pre-Ordered. 

Order # 79322 and the other 2 order # that will be given once completed, will all 3 ship out separately.