Why do I have multiple order #'s

All orders placed on our site are considered 'Pre-Order(s)'. Pre-Order#'s start with 3 letters followed by 6 digits (Ex: PFS614636).

NOTE: Pre-Order(s) will not ship until the package(s) is personalized.

Here is an example of a 'Pre-Order' where 2 Gold Packages were pre-ordered. Each Package is a separate transaction that is personalized per child. Once each package is personalized, it will then have a shippable 6-digit order # (Ex: 123456). This example Pre-Order (below), once completed, will have (2) 6-digit order #'s.

After a 6-digit order # is issued to a child's shippable package, there will be 1 Personalized Santa Call and 1 Personalized Video for that particular child. They can be found in the tabs above called 'Videos' and 'Calls'

Please note: The personalized Santa Call and Personalized Santa Video can be done at any time. The package will ship out where they are personalized or not. 

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