How do I place multiple orders at once?

how do I place multiple order want to order more than oneWhen ordering from our site, you are 'Pre-Ordering' the number of package you would like to purchase. This way you can pre-order as many packages as you'd like and pay for the shipping all on 1 bill! However, each package will need to be personalized individually from your Member Account.

If you're a grandparent, you could purchase the Santa Letter Packages and then give your Member Account log in to your adult children to then personalize the Santa Letters along with the 5 Bonus Gifts that come with each of the packages.  

If you are needing to pre-order 2 different packages, then you will need to pay for the 1st package and then go back to our order page to pre-order the 2nd package. You will then have 2 'Pre-Order' #'s (receipts). 

Note: Just don't forget to log into your Member Account to personalize the Santa Letter Packages after you place your 'Pre-Order', or we won't be able to ship out anything. You will be asked to create a Member Account after you 'Pre-Order your packages.