How do I place multiple orders at once?

how do I place multiple order want to order more than one1. 🌟 Personalize Now: Ideal for individual orders.

  • Walks you through the customization process immediately.
  • You'll need to complete 1 order per child, each order is a separate transaction. 
  • Each order is shipped out individually so each child receives their very own. 

2. 📅 Personalize Later (Pre-Order): Best for bulk orders.

  • Allows you to buy multiple packages and consolidate the payment.
  • Customize each Santa Letter Package individually, at your convenience, via your Member Account. But don't wait too long, as you know the North Pole Blizzards can cause slow deliveries!
  • For mixed package types: Order one type of package, finish the transaction, and then return to the Order Page for the next type of package. Each will have a unique non-shippable order #.

🔔 Heads Up!: Before the magic sets in motion, ensure all packages are personalized in your Member Account. Without your special touch, they won't make their merry journey from Santa's workshop via the post!

🎅 Santa's Tip for Grandparents and Family Friends: You've tackled the jolly task – footing the bill! To let the magic continue, share your Member Account details with the parents. This way, they can sprinkle in the magical details and personalize each gift with love and care. After all, teamwork is what makes the sleigh soar, right? 🎄✨🦌