How can I view videos from previous years?

view videos from last year previous yearsIf you didn't purchae the 'Keepsake' version, you will not have access to the videos that you selected in years past. However, you are welcome to contact customer support, and they will be able to share with you what videos were watched in the past. 

If the 'Keepsake' version was purchased last season, you will be able to view/download the videos. Simply log into your Member Account by clicking HERE!

Once you are in your account you will want to click on the green 'Videos' tab. There you will see your videos from last year. You'll need to click on the year link to open.

Once you click on the red 'Download' button, it will take you to a page where it tells you it will take 3-5 hours to retrieve the video. However, once the video is available, you will have 72 hours to download. If you miss that time period, no worries, just come back to your Member Account and click 'Download' again!