How do I add photos to my child's video?

add photos to video how to personalizeSimply log into your Member Account by clicking HERE!

Once you are in your account you will want to click on the green 'VIDEOS' tab. Click on the gray 'Personalize' button which will take you to personalize your child's video. 



If you click on the blue 'Unlimited Video  it will explain to you when the unlimited online view expire!


information needed for video personalize videoHere are the personalization information we will need to personalize a video.  

 Child's First and Last name (We have thousands of names available. However, if you do not see your child's name, please check for other spellings. You are only looking for the 'pronunciation' of the name. After you select the correct pronunciation, you will then be asked to spell it correctly on the next step)

 Child’s Age (If child is under 12 months, you will need to scroll down past years old)

 Child’s Birthdate (Not Required)

 Child’s State/Country (Where they will be Christmas Eve)

 2 photos (Not required, but it does make it more personalized) Photos should be 100KB minimum, but no larger than 10MB maximum. We only accept JPG, PNG & JPEG format. If you have photos on your phone, we sometimes recommend customers personalize their videos on their phones. This way the photos will be a perfect fit!

 You will need to provide short message (i.e. Be nice to your mom and dad). This sentence is not read by Santa. However, Santa will say this is what the child will need to do to stay on his nice list.