Can't find child's name when personalizing the Santa video?

child's name not found can't find name generic names can't find prounciationWe sincerely apologize for the oversight 😔. Even though our database boasts thousands of names, sometimes a unique one might slip through.

Try Different Spellings: Start by typing the child's name as you want it in the video. If the pronunciation isn't spot-on, play around with various spellings.

Alternative Options: Even if the exact pronunciation remains elusive, we believe your child will still cherish their video, as there are numerous other personalization features that make it special 🌟. Consider our curated list of alternative names 📜, and explore the various ways we bring magic to life for every child.

Please note, due to the holiday rush, we're unable to add new names. We do our best to refresh our name list each year in anticipation of the festive season 🎄.

Our Suggestion: If finding the right pronunciation is proving tough, our "Elfred North Pole Dream Tour" video is a fantastic pick 🌟. A delightful feature of this video is the display of the child's name in writing across multiple scenes, immersing them even more in the magic.

Thank you for your understanding, and we hope you discover the perfect option for your little one. ❤️