What information is needed to schedule my child's Santa Call (Using Web Scheduler)?

what information needed for santa call how will santa knowYou will need the following:

  • Child's name for pronunciation (try different spellings). If not available, there is a list of nicknames.    You will then enter the child's name, with the correct spelling, below the pronunciation field.
  • Gender
  • Age
  • Birth-date (not required)
  • State

In order for Santa to call, you will need to log into your Member Account by clicking HERE! Click the dark green 'Calls' tab, you'll then see where you can 'Schedule' the Santa call. It will give you the option to use our Santa Call APP or our online scheduler. 

NOTE: If you are not the parent, you may want to use the online scheduler shown below.

However, if the parents of the child would rather use our Santa Call APP, you would want to give the parents your email and password, so they can log into your PackageFromSanta.com Member Account and follow the instructions to downloading our Santa Call APP. They will need to download our APP and use your email and password for that as well.